Does Garage Door Insulation Help?

Insulating Your Garage Door

When winter comes to Indiana, your garage can be downright frigid. While the walls are often insulated, the door can allow quite a bit of coldness in. Insulation on your garage door is something you might be thinking of adding, but before you do, make sure you understand what it can and cannot do for your home. Here is a closer look at whether or not garage door insulation can help.

How Garage Door Insulation Benefits Your Home

When you add insulation to your garage door, you improve your garage’s energy efficiency and often the rest of your home. You lose less heat through your garage, and the area stays warmer, making it a more effective workspace for DIY projects.

Not only that, but garage door insulation can protect your car because weather changes can affect everything from your car battery to tire pressure. Insulation can preserve your door because it helps protect against denting or creasing.

Insulation also blocks outside noise. If you use your garage for more than just storing things, you can benefit from less noise coming in through the door.

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Drawbacks to Garage Door Insulation

There are a few potential drawbacks to garage door insulation. First, if your garage walls are not insulated, then insulating the door may not protect much. Also, insulation will have minimal impact if your garage has gaps and openings that allow air to flow through.

You may be wondering, “Does insulating a garage door make it too heavy?” Most garage door insulation is relatively light, which means it will not make your door heavier than it was without insulation. You should be able to open the door as you always have once you insulate it.

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What is the Best Way to Insulate a Metal Garage Door?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an insulated garage door, you can opt for insulation via fiberglass boards, foam boards, or reflective barriers. Cut the insulation to fit your metal garage door panels well, and use an adhesive to keep it in place. Or, contact the team at Hostetler and Askew Garage Doors to schedule garage door installation service. 574.444.9700

Garage door insulation can make your home and garage a warmer, more comfortable place in the winter. Let our experienced team help you take advantage of garage door insulation to limit the amount of wasted heat energy in your home.

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