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Replace Your Garage Door Panel

Hostetler & Askew is committed to providing our clients with expert, honest advice about their garage door repairs. Often, damage to a garage door does not mean you have to replace the entire door. If just one or two panels are damaged, panel replacement offers a more affordable option that effectively repairs the door. When you partner with our team for garage door repairs, you can be confident that you’ll receive accurate information to make informed repair decisions.

Can My Garage Door Panel Be Replaced?

Garage door panels can get broken for several reasons. Sometimes, inattentive drivers back into the garage door, damaging a panel or two. Items thrown into the garage door or kids riding bikes or scooters and crashing into the door can also cause damage. Dents, cracks, and bends can prevent the door from opening properly and cause an eyesore in your home, but they do not always mean replacing the entire door is necessary.

To determine if we should replace the panel or the entire door, we will consider:

  • The door’s age – If your door is older, we may struggle to match the panel.
  • The damage – If all of the damage is limited to the panel, then we can replace just one panel. However, the damage is often hidden in the parts you can’t easily see, and this may require replacing the entire door.
  • The aesthetics – If the door is faded or has changed color, your replacement panel may not match. If you have a custom door, we may not have a matching panel.

Hostetler & Askew has highly trained technicians who can quickly evaluate your door and determine the best course of action. Our team will provide an honest assessment of your door, including whether or not you can replace it instead of repairing it. Whether full replacement or panel replacement is the right solution, you can be confident that our team will provide honest, accurate information.

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How Replacement Garage Door Panels Work

If our technicians find that you are the right candidate for garage door panel replacement, we will work with you to find a panel that will match your garage door. Sometimes, this is challenging, especially with older doors, but we have an extensive list of brands and styles to pull from to get the closest possible match. Weathering and custom colors or materials can impact this process, but we will do the best to match your existing door properly.

Our new panel installation is fast and effective. We understand that you need full use of your garage door and ensure that you get it without delay. If we have a panel that matches close, we will send a repair technician to your home to replace it promptly, giving you back the look and function of your garage door.

When you suffer damage to your garage door, don’t wait. Contact Hostetler & Askew to discuss garage door panel replacement and get a fair and honest assessment of your options.