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Local Garage Door Company

For businesses and homeowners in Elkhart, Indiana, a working garage door is critical. For many properties, the garage door is the primary means of entering the home. In most cases, garage doors are very reliable and will work as they should, but from time to time they will need a little attention. Hostetler & Askew Doors offers a full range of garage door services in Elkhart. From repair to installation, you can trust our experienced, knowledgeable team to get the work done.

Signs Your Elkhart Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

Few things can ruin your morning quite as quickly as a broken garage door. Whether you’re trying to get into your facility to start work or are trying to leave your home, the inability to open the door will stop you in your tracks. Some signs, other than a full failure to open that your door may need repair service include:

  • The door opens only or closes only partially
  • You hear grinding noises when the door is operating
  • The door can be opened without the opener or security pad engaged
  • The motor runs, but the door says shut
  • You have broken glass or panels in the door


If you’re noticing these problems, our team will quickly diagnose them and offer effective repair solutions. Our goal is to get your garage door in good, working order again quickly, so you can go about your day.

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Garage Door Installation Services in Elkhart

When the time comes for a new garage door, professional installation is the key to proper function. Doors need to be balanced and installed safely to operate well. Our garage door professionals offer professional installation services that will ensure you have a properly functioning garage door.

Garage Door Opener Services

Your garage door is essential, but the opener is equally important. Without a working opener, your garage door is shut tight. Hostetler & Askew Doors not only repairs and installs garage doors, but we also offer services for openers. If you need to have your opener reprogrammed, repaired, or replaced, our garage door can lend their expertise to the job.

Garage Door Services for Commercial Properties in Elkhart

At Hostetler & Askew Doors, we offer a comprehensive list of garage door services to homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Elkhart. Our expertise extends to the commercial sector, and we can assist business owners with keeping their doors running well. You need to know you can count on your garage door for both aesthetics and function, and our team can get you there.

If you need garage door services in Elkhart, IN, don’t wait. Reach out to Hostetler & Askew Doors for assistance today.