Garage Door Weather Stripping Services

Local Weather-Stripping For Your Garage

Are you noticing an increase in pests or drafts in your garage? If you are, then problems with your weatherstripping may be to blame. Garage doors have vinyl rubber seals around the edges that protect the garage from the weather outside of your home. Over time, these can break down and wear out. When that happens, Hostetler & Askew Door can help with replacing or repairing the weatherstripping so you can enjoy a more comfortable garage.

Benefits of Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping protects your garage and garage door in several ways. First, it keeps rain and snow out, so your garage stays dryer. It also helps keep the temperature inside your home more stable. This prevents lost energy through your garage so that you can enjoy lower energy bills. Finally, weatherstripping can keep insects and rodents out of your garage. With all of these benefits, it’s clear that weatherstripping is an essential part of your garage door.

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Signs Your Weather Stripping Is Getting Worn Out

Weatherstripping keeps cold and moisture out of your garage. One of the first signs of problems is moisture or drafts that get through the door. If you notice the garage feeling colder than it should, or if a lot of moisture is getting inside, you need to take a closer look at your weather stripping.

Another sign of problems is visible damage to the weather stripping. Cracks or holes in the bottom rubber along the edge of your garage mean that the weather stripping is starting to fail. If you ignore these minor problems, you could end up with significant gaps.

Damage to the metal on or around the garage door, including visible rush or a brittle texture, are also signs that your weather stripping may be failing. This usually happens when water or moisture gets into the garage because of gaps in the weather stripping. Sealing up the weatherstripping will help prevent further damage to your garage door.

Finally, if you increase rodents or insects in your garage, you need to call the exterminator. However, this problem also might mean you have gaps in your weather stripping. After dealing with the infestation, seal up the garage door with Hostetler & Askew Door’s help to keep the critters from returning.

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Trust Hostetler & Askew Door for Garage Door Weather Stripping

As part of our garage door repair services, Hostetler & Askew Door offers garage door weather stripping repair and service. Whether you need new weather stripping or need to have it repaired, you can trust our team to do the job well. We can add weather stripping or repair weather stripping so you have better insulation and protection for your garage and home.

If you notice any signs of problems with your weather stripping, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our garage door technicians can quickly and effectively address the problem, so you can have confidence that your garage door is sealed and protected correctly.

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