Bent or Broken Track Repair Services

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Fix Your Broken Garage Door Track

As a garage door ages, several things can begin to go wrong. While some problems that occur can be repaired easily on your own, you’ll want to contact the experts at Hostetler & Askew Door for more severe problems. They offer fast, reliable garage door repair services in Goshen, IN, so you can get your garage doors operating efficiently and safely.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks experience the weight and movement of hundreds of pounds each time they’re in use. Over a single year, this adds up to a lot of strain, so it’s natural for some parts to wear out or even break down.

If you notice damage to your garage door tracks, you should stop use and take a look at what’s going on. It may be a good idea to call an expert early to see how serious it is. The last thing you want is hundreds of pounds of garage door falling off its track and landing on a person or vehicle.

A bent track should be repaired immediately so that your garage door can open and close completely and safely. Here are some things to know about bent garage door tracks.

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Examining and Fixing Garage Door Tracks Yourself

If you see the tracks are bent, you can try repairing it yourself by loosening the bolts holding the track in place. Don’t remove them entirely. Instead, slowly tap the track back in a vertical position. You can even try using a pair of pliers to straighten them. Once straightened, you can tighten the bolts back in place and then test your garage door function.

Checking For Obstructions

Examine the tracks for obstructions such as dirt, sand, or other debris that can interfere with your garage door’s operation. Obstructions can prevent cables and rollers from moving correctly, and the tension created can result in bent tracks.

Dents and Similar Physical Damage

Some garage door tracks can experience problems due to dents or other impact damage on the door, which will cause the door to misalign when moving along the tracks. As with obstructions, this can lead to cable tension which will then result in damaged tracks.

Cable Malfunction

The cables that pull and support your garage door can get damaged over time. When one breaks, you’ll suddenly experience a lot of unsupported weight on the garage door tracks, which will lead to bending. This is not something you should try to repair yourself. Call in a professional.

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Calling In the Pros

If it’s the horizontal tracks that are bent, you would be better off not attempting to fix these yourself. Between the coiled tension and most garage doors’ weight, you run a serious risk of injury and further damage. These are more complicated parts that require professional expertise.

When it comes to problems with your garage door tracks, you can sometimes get away with some short-term operation, but the longer you put off getting them fixed, the most likely you run into more severe problems soon after.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our repair technicians are professionally trained and come with fully stocked service trucks to cover almost any need. Garage door problems do not have to stop you in your tracks. Reach out to Hostetler & Askew Door today for garage door repair in Goshen, IN, and surrounding communities.