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Top Questions To Ask When Buying a Garage Door

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Be An Educated Buyer Navigating the world of garage doors can be a complex endeavor, especially when trying to find the best fit for your home. This comprehensive guide aims to help you become an educated buyer, understanding the different types of garage doors available, their pros and cons, pricing considerations, and expected lifespans. With

Don’t Fall for Garage Door Scams: A Cautionary Resource Guide

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Don't Get Taken for a Ride: Your Guide to Avoiding Garage Door Scams Welcome to the garage door repairs and replacements world, where scammers often prey upon homeowners. It's unfortunate but true that many repair companies take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners by implementing schemes such as the lifetime guarantee, hardware overhaul, and emergency repair scams.

Does Garage Door Insulation Help?

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Insulating Your Garage Door When winter comes to Indiana, your garage can be downright frigid. While the walls are often insulated, the door can allow quite a bit of coldness in. Insulation on your garage door is something you might be thinking of adding, but before you do, make sure you understand what it can

What To Look For In An Overhead Garage Door

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Buy an Overhead Garage Door How can you tell when it may be time to replace your garage door? Unusual noises, inability to fully open or close, going off-track, excessive visible wear, and failure to lock properly are all sure signs it’s time for a new overhead garage door.All that said, there are some essential

Tips For Fixing A Slow Garage Door

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Fixing A Slow Residential Garage Door Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if everything always worked the way it was supposed to? If things never broke down or needed repair? Sure it would. Unfortunately, everything breaks down once in a while, but can be fixed! The same is true for your garage door when it