Most Common Garage Door Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Having Garage Door Problems?

Owning a garage is great. Owning a garage with a quality garage door system is even better. Just the same, garage door systems include many moving parts, and it’s natural for problems to arise from time to time. Even the best doors run into issues on occasion. That’s why it’s helpful to know what to look for when questions arise. It’s possible you could fix a simple problem yourself before having to call in for a professional repair.

Whenever you conduct a bit of troubleshooting your garage door problems, you should always start with as complete a visual inspection as you can manage. Look for symptoms, but also try to listen for signs. Grinding, clunking, or squealing sounds can tell you not only where the problem lies but gives you a hint as to what the problem might be.

Here are some signs your garage door is experiencing a malfunction and some suggestions on solving the problem on your own.

Remember that serious problems need serious solutions, so if you’re not sure what’s wrong, or the problem is more significant than expected, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Misaligned Door Track

Grinding or rubbing noises could mean the garage door has fallen or been knocked off its track.

If the door still moves up and down, but roughly so, you can attempt to realign the track yourself. Loosen the screws that hold the track to the frame, then use a rubber mallet to coax the track to the right place carefully. One back in place, retighten the screws so the track can’t move again. Repeat on the other side.

If you’re still experiencing alignment issues, you’ll be better off calling in a professional.

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Dead Batteries

First solutions are often the easiest. Could it be the batteries in the remotes that control your garage door? If a remote device’s battery is dead, it won’t send out the necessary signal to open or close your door.

Test each device to see which one needs a battery replacement. This includes any signal transmitters inside the garage. Once you’ve singled out the most likely suspect, replace the battery and test again.

Photo Eyes Blocked or Misaligned

Photo eyes sit along the sides of the garage door and transmit an invisible beam across your garage. If any people or objects block the beam as the door starts to close, the door is supposed to stop to prevent injury or damage to property. If the is not working even when no object or person is in the door area, those photo eyes could be dealing with some kind of block.

Confirm no objects are blocking the eye beam. If the door still doesn’t function, clean the lenses with a soft cloth and streak-free cleaner. If there are still problems, check to see if the eyes are aligned. If they’re not pointed in the same direction at the same angle, they cannot communicate. You can use a level tool to make sure the eyes are at the same height off the ground and are pointed directly at each other.

Issues With the Disconnect Switch

Is the garage door motor running, but the door itself refuses to open or close? Your problem might be with the disconnect switch. This switch allows you to open and close your garage door during times of power loss.

If you’re able to open the door manually, get a stepladder, and attempt to reattach the hook to the motor. Then test the door again. If you’re still having a problem, give us a call.

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Quick Fix Checklist

Use this quick rundown of common problems and quick solutions the next time you’re having garage door issues.

  • Unresponsive opening – Check the batteries.
  • More noise than usual – Check for proper lubrication. Try applying some to whatever part is making the most noise.
  • Cracks in the door – If your wooden door has cracks, try caulking them with a waterproof filler or sealant.
  • Cracked weather seal – This happens with age. Check your home improvement store for a replacement weather sealant.

Call the professionals in when:

  • The door can’t open or close all the way – The door may be off its hinges. Given the size and weight of garage doors, you’re not going to want to try and fix this alone.
  • A loud bang – This is a sign of a broken cable or spring. Fixing these problems is often more complicated, and untrained attempts to repair could result in serious injury. Always call in the professionals for a situation like this.

Need Help?

If you’re not sure what the issue is with your garage door, and the fix you try doesn’t work, play it safe and seek out expert repair services. Give Hostetler & Askew Door a call.

Our trained professional staff is always ready to help, and they’re just a phone call away. Let Hostetler & Askew Door keep your garage door and peace of mind both running smoothly.

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