Garage Door Repair in Dunlap, IN

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Local Garage Door Services

A broken garage door is a barrier to starting your day off right and trying to get into your place of business or need to get to work in the morning? Likewise, a malfunctioning door will delay your schedule. Look for the signs and be proactive in getting necessary repairs, resulting in you saving money.

Faulty garage door signs include:

  • A partially opening or closing door
  • A loud, sometimes subtle, grinding noise when your door operates
  • The door stays shut while the motor is running
  • Broken glass or panels on the door

Repairing Existing Garage Doors

You may be wondering if your garage door is acting weird, like a grinding noise when it operates, or might only open partway. Our experienced technicians at Hostetler & Askew Doors can pinpoint the issue and perform a quick repair.

Like your home, a garage is an investment. Troubleshoot any problems before they become major to save you time and money.

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Buying New Garage Doors

Are you searching for an affordable way to increase the value of your home or enhance the aesthetic of your garage? Residential garage doors are a great way to combine the two! We offer a timely install, a selection of high-quality products, and expert services for garage doors in Dunlap, IN. 

If you’re looking for a garage door upgrade, you’ve come to the right place.

Garage Door Opener Services

Your garage’s opener is as equally important as its functionality. Without a working opener, your garage will be challenging to open. Hostetler & Askew Doors offer garage opener services involving our technicians reprogramming, installing, repairing, or replacing your new opener.

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Garage Door Services for Commercial Properties

We offer a wide range of garage door services to residential and commercial businesses owners throughout Dunlap, IN. However, our expertise goes beyond the commercial sector, and we can assist business owners in running their day-to-day operations by keeping their doors running well. Hostetler & Askew Doors understands that you count on your garage door for aesthetics and function, and we’re here to help ensure it’s always working.

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